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Each kitchen functions thanks to equipment and various devices. These large and small devices streamline every work in the kitchen. And for the equipment you need various accessories. Filters, bags, containers. In the accessories section you will find not only weight devices, but also spare and replaceable parts such as vacuum bags or water jug ​​filters.

 Kitchen scales -Adler
Kitchen scales is equipment necessary in every kitchen. It's hard to say by eye whether it will be 20 grams. The weighing devices offered by Wasserman store are resistant to damage and are easy to clean. Their toughened glass elements are characterized by elegant design. They have automatic calibration, have a tare function and large LCD displays. Among the numerous scales on our shelves you will also find gadgets such as the scale placed on a spoon for weighing smaller quantities of products and you can also buy store scales if necessary. The Wasserman store offer includes, among others bottles and jugs with filter . And for these things you need replaceable filters. It is thanks to them that bottles and jugs filter the water so that it is tasty clean, but without micronutrients.

 Vacuum containers and bags for vacuum packaging - Fresh World . Profi Cook

Bags for vacuum packing , available in the Wasserman store, are products of such well-known brands as the Fresh World company, which has an attractive ratio of quality of products to their price. A supply of bags will last for a long time. And the foil from Profi Cook is distinguished by high flexibility and resistance to abrasion. We sell foils in rolls or folded in a square. In addition to welding foils from the same department, we offer vacuum containers. Such containers will maintain the taste, crunchiness, firmness and freshness of the food. Vacuum container sets with a manual vacuum pump for comfort and freshness for longer. They are perfect as a guard of order and ergonomics in the fridge. Our kitchen accessories department is constantly being updated with new accessories. All from proven and reputable producers.