Dryers and drainers

Not in all houses there are dishwashers in the kitchens and where they stand there are dishes that we do not wash in the dishwasher. And that is why a dish dryer is an indispensable kitchen equipment. Dish dryers make it easy to wash and clean up every day.


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Dish dryers in the shop Wasserman -Galicia

Dish dryers can be one-, two- or three-level, they can have many compartments and there are also with one. The stainless steel dish dryer can be safely left on the kitchen counter or put in a cabinet hanging above the sink. Dish dryers can have a designer look and shape, they can be practical and simple, and there are those that create a modern kitchen decoration. When choosing a dryer for yourself, it is worth paying attention to its size because another will be needed for the kitchen in which we will wash the cup from time to time and another where there is no dishwasher and we wash the dishes on a regular basis. A lot also depends on the size of our kitchen and the place on the countertop. If there is no space, it is worth considering the model of the cabinet dryer.

The most popular standing dryers

Dryers placed on the sink or on the kitchen counter are the most popular. Such dryers are equipped with a water tray. The most frequently chosen dryers are plastic, easy to clean and cheap. Chrome models of dish dryers are more expensive but add elegance and character. In the Wasserman store you can buy Galicia dryers. If you need other items for your kitchen, take a look at our Kitchen section . We will equip your apartment with the necessary articles and our sellers will help you choose.