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Kitchen knife sets

In the Wasserman store you can find both universal silver or black sets of kitchen knives, as well as colorful sets, in which each blade has a different color depending on the purpose. We will find in them knives for meat, bread, vegetables, pizza, universal blades, peelers, cleavers or scissors. There was also a whetstone or elegant blocks for storing knives. They improve the use of blades by keeping them in an easily accessible place. The knives themselves, in turn, are characterized by high quality of workmanship, thanks to which they retain sharpness for a long time.

Kitchen knives and cutlery from well-known manufacturers – Import, Powermat

Wasserman buys kitchen knives from a well-known manufacturer. Powermat is a brand that supplies the market with a variety of household appliances, including power tools. Such specialization makes Powermat articles characterized by reliability and a long service life. Professional kitchen knives available in the Wasserman store are characterized by durable and smooth laser-ground blades. They are resistant to extreme temperatures and made of stainless steel, sometimes covered with an admixture of ceramics, which is much better for health than the metal surfaces of knives.

The manufacturer also took care of the ergonomics of these instruments. Sets of kitchen knives are characterized by non-slip handles, ensuring the comfort and safety of users. Blocks designed to store sharp kitchen knives have a positive effect on the organization of space in the room and its intuitive character.