Pots, saucepans, pans and lids

A cook without pots is like a painter without brushes. And although the master of gastronomy only needs a rusty saucepan to prepare a dream dish, most of us need better equipment. That is why the Wasserman store offers high-quality induction pots, distinguished by a number of functional advantages. The sets consist of many elements, which makes them quite enough to prepare a few sumptuous meals.

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Pots for induction kitchen

Pots available in the Wasserman store are characterized by a multi-layer compact bottom. Their surface heats up very quickly and perfectly conducts heat, while preventing burns. The versatility of the dishes is contrasted by their design – minimalism and simplicity have been preserved in them. Thanks to this, the pots fit into any kitchen and have ergonomic shapes that facilitate their use. The advantage of induction cookers is the possibility of using them both on gas and electric stoves, as well as ceramic or induction hobs, and even in ovens. The pots are also dishwasher safe, which will significantly relieve you when cleaning up after meals.

Induction pots from a well-known manufacturer – Landgraf

Pots for induction hobs, which can be found in the Wasserman offer, are products of the valued Landgraf brand . Both pans and saucepans as well as smaller dishes are available in the sets, so you can easily prepare any meal in them. There is also space for glass lids and pads that will protect your countertops from the hot bottoms of pots. Landgraf products are made of stainless steel – easy to keep clean, resistant to mechanical damage and resistant to corrosion. Pots for the induction kitchen also have ergonomic handles, thanks to which their use is not only comfortable, but above all safe. The comfort of cooking is also increased by strainers attached to the dishes to facilitate straining.