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Roasted corn, popularly known as popcorn, is associated primarily with cinema. The most popular snack accompanying watching movies on the big screen was known thousands of years before our era, before anyone dreamed of the first cinema, and it was enjoyed by the Aztecs and Incas, among others. In the nineteenth century, roasted corn was used to eat breakfast or soups – popcorn replaced breakfast cereals or more popular nowadays toasts in soups-creams.


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Today, we can make popcorn at home using the properties of a pan or microwave. No matter how hard we try and regardless of the type of corn used, homemade popcorn will never taste like the one in the cinema, it will always lack something that gives it a unique taste. This can be easily blamed on the unique atmosphere of the cinema hall, because one of the components of the unique taste are the unique circumstances of the meal consumed. And while the place itself probably matters, the quality and taste of the popcorn made can easily be improved by a professional popcorn machine. Thanks to it, roasted corn will give us a substitute for cinematic impressions, even if we do not own a huge screen and professional loudspeakers.

Popcorn machine and you can start a movie screening at home

The Camry popcorn machine is the perfect solution for all moviegoers pampered by streaming services these days, so they can watch movie news without moving off the couch. When the great film premieres of recognized directors have limited cinema distribution and immediately appear on the screens of our computers and TVs, it is worth remembering to stock up on your favorite snacks before the screening begins. Fat-free popcorn machines will allow us to enjoy the best quality roasted corn, and in addition, the specific design of the device prevents corn from burning or food sticking to the inside of the machine. Not without significance here is also the adjective "fat-free", which draws attention to the health aspect of corn prepared in our popcorn machine.