Combi cookers and pressure cookers

Combiers are kitchen appliances consisting of a dish, a control panel and a heating cover, equipped with a fan, thanks to which the products in the vessel are blown by a stream of hot air.


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Kombiwary of well-known manufacturers in the Wasserman store

The design of the combi cooker means that the products are baked very quickly and evenly. In the combi cooker, we can quickly heat, bake or cook dishes, and at the same time save energy that our oven would use. The construction of the combi cooker is: a timer, a thermostat for temperature regulation, a lid, a round glass container for food, a base, a grate. The dishes prepared in this device are distinguished by their natural taste and are rich in nutritional values. Individual models differ in the temperature range, the highest value usually reaches 250ºC, the minimum temperature is 65ºC

Application of the combi

Kombiwar has a lot of applications. Defrosting – Just set the temperature to about 30ºC-40 ºC and check the thawing status every 5 minutes. Heating – You don't need to use fat for heating. It is enough to set the temperature to approx. 50 ºC. Steaming – just pour some water on the bottom of the container and put the ingredients on a special tray with holes for steaming. Baking – in a small combi cooker you can bake cakes, meat and other ingredients. Baking does not require the use of fat, and shorter heat treatment allows you to preserve the juiciness and natural taste of dishes. Grilling – each model of the combi cooker is accompanied by a special grill grate. Frying – for this purpose, it is enough to soak the ingredients (e.g. chips) in oil or olive oil before putting them in a container. The kombiwar is also suitable for cooking eggs, making croutons, refreshing bread.