Electric kettles are the basic equipment of every kitchen. Whenever there is a need to prepare a hot drink, it turns out to be an indispensable equipment. Wasserman's offer includes wireless kettles in various colors, kettles of different capacity and power. You will find here not only kettles with an interesting design, but also with variegated backlighting. Good kettles are durable, resistant to damage and easy to clean. And most importantly, made of materials that are safe for us.


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Types of heaters in electric kettles
Currently, there are kettles available on the market with two types of heaters, spiral and plate. However, more and more manufacturers are moving away from spiral heaters, because stone is deposited on it much faster and you have to boil enough water in them so that the heater is completely covered. Plate heaters are a heating element hidden under the bottom of the kettle. The stone is much slower to deposit on it and the larger heating surface makes the water boil much faster. In our store we offer kettles made of various materials, all safe not reacting with either water or food. From the wide range of kettles from companies such as AdlerMesko or Camry you will choose a kettle made of stainless steel, enamel or glass.

Different capacities of kettles.
Kettles offered by the Wasserman store have different capacities. Each capacity has its supporters. It all depends on how large the household will operate the kettle. Available kettle capacities range from 0.5 to 2 liters. For a large family, the best choice will be a kettle with a capacity of 1.5 liters. A smaller family will calmly use a kettle with a capacity of 0.77 liters. Equally important as the capacity is also the power of the kettle. Kettles with a flat heater have power ranging from 650 to 3000 Watt. The greater the power of the kettle, the faster we will enjoy a cup of hot drink. Everyone will find here a kettle perfect for themselves.