Graters and squeezers

Have you always dreamed of culinary Tetris? In the eyes of your imagination, have you seen vegetables cut evenly like from a ruler? Did your desires fail because of a blunt knife, an uncertain hand, or the lack of the measuring tool mentioned in the previous sentence? Throw away bad memories, because thanks to the latest electric vegetable shredders, you will realize the innermost kitchen desires regarding the shapes of your favorite vegetables on your plate. Face modernity and throw uncomfortable traditional graters into a corner.


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Products of well-known manufacturers Camry, Tessa and OnTel

Kitchen graters have never been among the most convenient tools. Regardless of whether we were dealing with a basic or more advanced version (equipped with a crank and a rotating drum) – after a long time of use, our hands were numb from constant movement and pressure, it was also easy to damage the deicated pads when the fingers were too close to the blades. The electric vegetable shredder guarantees faster, more convenient and more efficient work, especially when we have to prepare a meal for more people.  Camry products are equipped with several different cutting inserts (allowing you to cut and rub thinly or coarsely). Electric vegetable graters are easy to use and just as easy to wash after use.

Not only shredders and graters

In addition to the highest quality vegetable shredders, we also offer other equipment useful in the kitchen:

  • OnTel vegetable sharpener allows you to decorate the dish with vegetable additives in fancy shapes and make vegetable pasta with your own hands, e.g. spaghetti from carrots.
  • Guillotine for fries "Potato Chipper", thanks to which your fries will always be perfectly even, and thus just as crunchy on the outside and identically soft on the inside.
  • Twisted chips machine – intuitive to use and introducing a hint of madness to everyday meals, thanks to fancifully twisted shapes.
  • Genius slicer , thanks to which we will cut vegetables, boiled eggs, ham or cheese into equal shapes (cube, slices, posts, etc.).

We also offer a set of five sharp graters for the Tessa shredder , which can rub and cut products into slices and posts of varying thickness.