Food processors

Professional food processors combine many advanced functions. Hand or cup blenders (standing) allow you to prepare fruit and vegetable cocktails, smoothies, milk drinks, soups for children, sorbets, delicate soups-creams. They can also crush ice. Multifunctional food processors of this type, depending on the type, can be attached to the table with special suction cups or held in the hand (and thus work anywhere in the house and using any dish). Mixers turn out to be invaluable when baking cakes or when we want to beat protein, mix dough for pancakes or cake mass. Planetary food processors significantly facilitate and accelerate work in the kitchen.


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Products from well-known manufacturers Camry, Powermat, Tessa, Ravanson and Adler

The offer includes the following food processors:

  • Camry cup blenders of different capacities and with a hole in the lid, thanks to which we can add ingredients without having to turn off the device. Sometimes the sets include tourist cups for drinks equipped with a lid with a mouthpiece.
  • Tessa  hand blender – high power allows you to mix hard ingredients, different types of speed (including turbo mode). The Tessa hand blender is sold in a set with a whisk and a food processor that shreds, cuts, cuts and mixes.
  • Adler hand mixer – lightweight, handy and convenient to use, equipped with different types of agitators – for lighter or heavier masses.
  • The Tessa "Easy Cook" multifunctional food processor has the functions of the above-mentioned tools (steel bowl and dough hook, stirrer, whisk), it can also be turned into a meat grinder (with strainers of different thickness).

Food processors make life easier

The development of technology makes life easier – a fact that is difficult to argue with. We deal with once arduous activities at the touch of a button, and difficult and complicated work is done for us by machines. This applies, among others, to working at home, where a number of technological improvements have already become a standard – it is difficult to imagine an apartment where there is no vacuum cleaner or access to the Internet. Nowadays, cooking is also easier than ever before, because the hardest work is done for us by kitchen robots.