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The simplest form of preparing coffee under pressure is a coffee maker, also called a cafeteria or mocha. It is a low-pressure machine and it is used to prepare traditional Italian coffee. It consists of a jug, inside there is a strainer for coffee and at the bottom there is a container for water. Pour a certain amount of water into this container and pour ground coffee into a strainer. Then we put the device on the stove to boil the water. The pressure created by the resulting water vapor causes the water to be pumped upwards, through the coffee. The infusion that forms is collected in the upper tank. Overflow machines. The easiest to use. Pour the right amount of ground coffee into a container with a filter and press the button. The machine pours boiling water over it and slowly seeps into the jug at the bottom. They are inexpensive, maintain the temperature for a long time, you can prepare larger amounts of coffee in them and are also great for brewing teas and infusions of herbs. The next group are flask machines, otherwise manual, manual, lever or semi-automatic. Into the flask (also called the portafilter), in which the strainer is located, ground coffee is poured in a certain amount, which must be thoroughly pressed, with improper whipping, water will fly too quickly and the brewing process occurs too quickly. The heating element in such machines are most often boilers. The water in it is heated by a heater placed inside or surrounding it from the outside. Hot water under pressure passes through the coffee and flows down as a finished drink through the dispenser straight into the cup. On the other hand, for the preparation of coffee using the overflow method or under pressure, the so-called combined machines are used. They consist of two separate brewing elements – a flask pressure machine and an overflow machine. Extremely popular recently on our market capsule machines, they are classified as automatic pressure machines. We buy coffee for them in special capsules. To prepare a drink, just put the capsule in the right place, put the cup, press the button and the finished drink flows. Pressure automatic machines with a built-in grinder are the most expensive type of these devices. Each machine of this type will prepare us espresso and black coffee, and additionally frothed milk. Most such automatic coffee makers have the ability to change parameters such as: the degree of grinding of beans, water temperature, strength and volume of coffee drink.

Remember! Depending on the type of machine, we choose the appropriate degree of coffee grinding.

overflow machine – coarsely ground
coffee machine – medium ground
pressure machine – finely ground
Only in the case of machines with a grinder, the camera will automatically select the degree of grinding of the grain