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Impact or grinder coffee grinders?

When buying a coffee grinder, you must first of all choose between manual and electric devices. Although the former allow users to grind the grains with their own hands and have a significant impact on the entire morning ritual, they require some effort and are less convenient to use. For obvious reasons, the latter are therefore more popular. Among them, we can distinguish impact and grinding coffee grinders. In this case, the difference is no longer so obvious. Knife models cut grains, so they can also be used for other products – for example, for spices. The grind variant, in turn, is equipment that does not generate a large amount of coffee dust and guarantees more accurate grinding of the beans, because instead of cutting – it rubs them.

Products of well-known manufacturers – Clatronic

Electric coffee grinders, available in the Wasserman offer, are products of the well-known Clatronic brand . The company supplies the market with functional electronics and household appliances. They are characterized by efficiency and a long service life. By equipping the kitchen with Clatronic articles, you can be sure that it will be as functional as possible. Thanks to the innovative solutions of this brand, every kitchen activity will become not only easy, but also pleasant. Clatronic coffee grinders will allow you to enjoy tasty and divinely fragrant coffee every morning that will put you on your feet!