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A spoonful of sugar, stick, machine and ball of sweets on a stick are ready

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Who among us does not know the sticky sweetness of cotton candy?

Fairs, festivals, picnics can be bought everywhere  cotton candy . But you don't have to wait for the summer to come and organize the outdoor event. You can make all household members happy and prepare cotton candy at home . All you need is a simple cotton wool machine, a few sticks and crystal sugar. Think how delighted I will be the kids who will have this sweetness at their fingertips.

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 And if you additionally buy food dyes, you'll conjure up sweet clouds in the colors of the rainbow.  Cotton candy machine  that's great too  an idea for a gift and not just for kids.

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A simple device for cotton candy

Preparation of a fluffy sweet as a mass improvement does not require professional skills, all you need is a proper device. To such  we pour sugar in the machines (dry and loose), inside the machine is a source of heat that will melt the sugar. And such caramel comes out from the quickly rotated burner, then it is cooled and as a result turns thin, pulling threads. Now all you have to do is rotate the stick quickly, winding these threads on it to get a cloud of white fluff cotton candy . Information on how much sugar to pour at a time can be found in the instruction manual.

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Cleaning:The dish can be washed in the dishwasher
Cover:Transparent splash guard
Dimension:Bowl of cotton candy Ø 27 cm
Equipment:Measuring cup and 10 wooden sticks in the set
Power consumption:500 watts
Power:230 V, 50 Hz

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maszyna ok ale troche małe waty robi moze to i dobrze im mniejsza wata tym mniej cukru i zdrowsze zęby naszych pociech


polecam muszę chować przed moimi dzieciaczkami bo jadły by i jadły bardzo im smakuje!


polecam każdemu kto ma małe dzieci i te większe też :)


polecam! Bardzo dobrze zabezpieczone