We associate fries with fast food restaurants that came to Poland from the United States. However, not everyone knows that the long deep-fried potatoes, which we all like so much, were born in Europe. Legend has it that the first fries were prepared in Belgium, where the small fish fried in deep oil was a delicacy that one city was famous for, but when the river froze for the winter, it was decided to prepare the potatoes in the same way. The dish was very popular with the British, who made it famous all over the world (the famous fish & chips).

Products from a well-known manufacturer - Camry

While fries might once have been a symbol of Western prosperity, today they are no longer anything extraordinary. We can order them in almost every bar or restaurant, they are perfect as additions to more serious dishes, as well as individual snacks. There is also nothing to prevent you from preparing them yourself at home - a small fryer will fully satisfy our private needs. The fries themselves - packed in packages of various sizes and frozen - are available in every other store, we can choose between regular fries, notched or screwed. We can also independently cut the potatoes into the shapes that suit us and throw them into the brand fryer Camry - however, remember that they should be of similar size, otherwise smaller pieces will burn in hot oil and larger ones will be raw.

What if I don't like potatoes?

The home fryer may also be useful for those who are not a fan of crispy potatoes. You can use it to prepare cutlets, onion rings, slices, pieces of chicken in crispy coating. However, it is worth trying to use the fryer for its primary purpose, homemade potato fries taste completely different than those frozen or bought in restaurants. If the taste is a problem, it is worth experimenting with additives - the two most popular in Poland are, of course, salt and ketchup, some like to add a little spiciness (pepper, hot pepper) or - like the inhabitants of the Netherlands - eat this dish with mayonnaise. Blanching before tossing the sliced ​​potatoes into the hot oil will make them softer on the inside and crunchy on the outside.