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A kitchen scale is simply a flat surface on which to place items to be weighed. Some scales are equipped with a measuring bowl. Kitchen scales are divided into two main divisions, mechanical and electronic.

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Mechanical scales they are simple in structure, easy to handle and, as a rule, inexpensive. Such a scale is the basis and a bowl mounted on it, into which the weighed products are placed. In the base there is a weight connected to the pointer and a clock display with a visible weighing scale. If you do not need a scale weighing with an accuracy of one gram, a mechanical one will certainly be enough. However, if you cook with pharmacy precision, you definitely need to focus on electronic scales. Such scales are equipped with an electronic indicating system, powered by batteries. The weighing result is shown on the digital display.

What to look for when buying a kitchen scale?

Measurement accuracy is one of the basic parameters, then let's check the maximum load, that is, the permissible possible number of products that we can weigh. Taring is a function that will facilitate weighing, it will show us the weight of the products themselves, without the weight of the container in which they are located. The battery consumption indicator is also very important in the case of electronic scales, it allows you to prevent a situation related to a decrease in the quality of measurement or a sudden end of the device operation in time. The automatic switch on of the scale, in turn, is a solution that saves batteries. And finally, although no less important than other parameters, the shape, size and equipment of the scale.

Some electronic scales also have additional functions, e.g.

converting or changing weight units,

determining the volume of liquids (measured in liters of water or milk),

calculating the calorific value of products,

measuring the content of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as cholesterol, fiber and sodium in weighed products