Juicers and juicers

Fruit juicers and juicers are a great way to provide your body with essential vitamins. Juices bought in stores are devoid of most of the nutritional value, in place of which artificial ingredients are used. It is different with home-made juices. Thanks to the slow-speed juicers, obtaining them is child's play and pleasant, and the effect is tasty, healthy and wholesome. You don't have to bother crunching raw vegetables, often tasteless, to eat well. It is enough to choose the preferred ingredients and squeeze the juice out of them. High-class devices offered by the Wasserman store will be useful for this.

Juicer and juicer - what's the difference?

The offer of the Wasserman store includes both juicers and juicers. How are these devices different? The former are advanced devices equipped with a crushing function. A slow-running screw extracts the juice from the ingredients until the last drop. By the way, it does not aerate or heat the drink. It copes with fruits, vegetables and herbs. As a result, the product retains all its health properties, is full of vitamins and is suitable for immediate consumption.

Juicers, on the other hand, are much simpler devices that grind ingredients using fast-moving blades. They can handle most fruits, but not enough to make juice from less juicy vegetables. However, they are characterized by lower prices and sometimes easier service.

Juicers of famous producers - Clatronic, Eldom, Teesa, ProfiCook

The best juicer is one that we can always rely on. The trouble-free and reliable Eldom or Clatronic juicers are an excellent value for money and a guarantee of satisfaction. Fruit juicers by Powermat, ProfiCook and Teesa are energy-saving, quiet and maximally efficient devices that will allow you to obtain juice from all ingredients, preserving one hundred percent of their nutritional value.

It is worth equipping your kitchen with a juicer or juicer, as they are the easiest way to follow the principles of a healthy diet. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rich offer of the Wasserman store.