Fruit / mushroom dryers

Dried mushrooms and fruit are ingredients of many traditional Polish dishes. We add them to borscht, stew, they are an element of dumplings and croquettes, we drink compote of dried fruit with carp on Christmas Eve. In addition, research has shown that dried mushrooms are much healthier and more nutritious than those eaten fresh after sautéing. We dry not only mushrooms, but also fruits, vegetables and herbs, and in order to do this at home and without any problems, it is worth getting a home food dryer.

Products from well-known producers Green Blue and Adler

Mushroom dryers are the brand's easy-to-use electrical appliances Adler which we distinguish due to two basic parameters:

  • The time needed to dry fruits, mushrooms, vegetables or herbs and the temperature (some food dryers are equipped with multi-stage temperature adjustments that allow you to control the drying speed),
  • The more trays stacked one above the other, the greater the capacity, and thus the greater processing capacity of the mushroom dryer - however, if you plan to dry small amounts of fruit or do it sporadically, you should think about buying a fruit dryer with fewer "floors" or a smaller diameter . The distance between the successive floors can be adjusted so that the tray does not crush the mushrooms underneath it.

Adler mushroom dryer - how does it work?

An electric mushroom dryer works mechanically, using an electric heater and a fan to convey hot air through the device. Intuitive to use, practically self-sufficient (it works quietly and turns off automatically after drying, which prevents the device from overheating), it is a perfect complement to a modern kitchen. Dried fruits and mushrooms retain an intense aroma and can be an interesting addition to many dishes, they are easy to store and can be useful in the least expected moment, even years after preserving. It should be remembered that after removing the dried products from the mushroom and fruit dryer, wait for them to evaporate, otherwise they may become moldy in the jar intended for their storage. Buying a mushroom dryer can make us seriously think about diversifying our diet.