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The demand for ice cubes becomes particularly visible in the summer, when we suffer from high temperatures and dream of a properly cooled drink. Huge lumps of ice, which had to be crushed with a skewer, quickly turned out to be uncomfortable at home, because they took up a lot of space in the freezer, while shards of crushed lump were scattered all over the kitchen. On the other hand, popular ice bags often need to be replaced and have limited capacity. The ideal solution is a homemade ice maker. A small device with a compatible shape is easy to use – just fill the container with water and press the appropriate button to enjoy the finished ice cubes after ten minutes.

Ice ready to be called

Ice makers produce ice on a regular basis, so there is no fear that during a family party on a hot day, guests will be forced to drink warm drinks. Thanks to Bomann products, everyone will enjoy a pleasantly chilled drink. A small ice maker will fit in any kitchen, it will perfectly fulfill its function also in the garden or on the balcony – as long as we have a sufficiently long power cable for the device. Some ice makers can produce cubes of different sizes, while quiet operation and automatic shutdown after the end of ice production is standard for most of the current devices of this type on the market. Homemade ice makers are perfect as a gift for all those who  are just equipping their apartment.