Waffle irons


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Toasters from well-known and respected manufacturers of household appliances - ClatronicAdlerCamry, Ravanson
If we want to have a 2 or 3-in-1 device, it is worth buying a toaster, and if we only care about waffles, it is enough to invest in a typical waffle maker model. All toasters available in our offer have non-stick coatings and non-heating housings. On the housing of each of the toasting equipment there are usually two control lights, glowing red means that the device is connected to the network, green, announces that the device is ready for operation. Toasters of different companies differ from each other mainly in the shape of the case and power. Standard heating plates are square-shaped or square-shaped with a partition (thanks to this we get 4 triangular sandwiches). By choosing a 3-in-1 device, you get the opportunity to choose from several different cartridges that will allow you to make waffles, panini or sandwich yourself.

Equipment for baking cookies, donuts and muffins
Multifunctional devices that allow us to grill and bake are not the only kitchen appliances in our offer. In addition to toasters and waffle makers, we can also offer you a great device for baking cookies in the form of peanuts. Homemade pastries are the best and much healthier than those bought in the store. We control the amount of sugar ourselves and do not add chemical enhancers. And that not all of us are geniuses of the kitchen, it is such devices that come to our aid. The richness of baking, toasting and grilling equipment allows for versatility in the kitchen without investing in expensive appliances and cluttering the entire kitchen. And such toasters are not only a perfect purchase for yourself, but also a great gift idea.