APL-102 25 dB pass-through antenna shielded amplifier

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Wzmacniacz antenowy przelotowy APL-102 25 dB ekranowany

The APL-102 amplifier is designed to amplify weak FM / DAB + and DVB-T signals broadcast in the 87-230 MHz band. Adapted to work in the open. The amplifier has an input / output impedance of 75 Ω, so when using antennas with an impedance of 300 Ω, use a balun. It is powered by an output of 12 V via an antenna cable from a power supply equipped with a power separator.

Sposób montażu przelotowego wzmacniacza antenowego


Band:87-230 MHz
Entrance exit: F
Impedance:I / O: 75 Ω
Output level: 97 dBuV
Power consumption:12V / approx. 60mA
Reinforcement:25 dB

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