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Assembly tools at a good price - ConotechDedraElektro-PlastHogertMaster, Hanlong

The assembly instruments available in the offer are characterized by durability and reliability and a good price. With them, you can mount a TV, pull cables, trim the carpet. Cables and antenna cables for satellites from brands such as Conotech and Televes are great for creating radio, TV and satellite installations. In turn, our coaxial cables are sold in rolls of various lengths, usually ranging from 50 or 100 to 300 meters (it is also possible to buy any cable length). It will be worth recommending the purchase of Opticum and Belden cables, they are very durable antenna cables, adapted for use in various weather conditions. You can also buy from us brackets for satellite dishes of valued brands, Conotech and Elektro-Plast. They specialize in electrical solutions and accessories dedicated to electronics. With such products that you will find with us, you will make a comprehensive satellite installation.

Products from well-known manufacturers  - Red EagleBlow

If we want to avoid stressful situations related to the lack of a TV signal, we should invest in a digital satellite signal meter. The Red Eagle meter will provide great mobility, and its easy operation means comfort of using it in all conditions. On the other hand, a TV modulator is necessary to distribute audio-video signals from various sources to antenna sockets on two distant TVs at the same time.  Terra modulators are a completely new quality. TV multiswitches are multi-band switches, with the help of which the TV signal emitted by one satellite dish reaches many outlets. Devices from brands such as Opticum or Televes can be freely combined with each other, thus increasing the number of users of one satellite dish. Universal remote controls are necessary for television. Ferguson remote controls are installed very easily and quickly, they are powered by two standard batteries. Devices of such brands as Signal or  Telmor, DigiSat, Opticum, Cabletech lie in this department side by side. Mouse on the shelves in this work you will find a TV signal splitter, plugs, socket fittings, crossovers and adders. Since Ferguson and Media-Tech, we have smart TV set-top boxes from well-known manufacturers. Amplifiers and antenna symmetrizers come in many variants that differ in their purpose. Our car antennas are an essential equipment for every car. The leader among antennas invariably remains the Mistral antenna. Corab satellite dishes traditionally come in the form of a round canopy in white or graphite. However, if you want to shine with modern equipment, you can choose the flat satellite dish of the SelfSat ark. Sometimes you will need an amplifier, we have different ones - Alcad, Axing, Telmor, Televes, AMS, Terra, Red Eagle. Broadband amplifiers , used most often when the signal level is outside the range of the main amplifier. Building amplifiers, channel amplifiers and mast amplifiers as well as AMS pass-through amplifiers.