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You will find a wide selection of flashlights and LED lamps, both headlamps for athletes and workshop lighting for workers. Our lamps and flashlights  it's excellent quality for use in various situations.

 Flashlights, what will be the best?

 Choosing the right flashlight depends on where you will use it. The Wasserman store offers, among others, headlamps that are great for athletes. When running, fishing or hiking in the mountains it is good to have your hands free, but not only because they are perfect for e.g. renovations. LED searchlight flashlight is another type of portable lighting. Here we will find extra strong diodes and an ergonomic, extremely comfortable shape. It will be useful during all kinds of searches, camping or simply during night walks. The Wasserman range also includes l workshop flashlights . You can hang these lamps from the ceiling. And the built-in magnet will allow them to be attached to any metal surface. Such workshop flashlights can be equipped with up to two streams of light.

 Flashlights and lamps from well-known manufacturers - Maclean . Dedra . Forever . Xtreme . Bailong . Media-Tech

Flashlights and workshop LED lamps , which are in our offer are manufactured by known and proven brands. They are characterized by excellent value for money. Due to their invaluable functionality, it is worth buying a miracle such as this flashlight to use as bicycle lighting, in fishing, mountain climbing, water sports, canoeing, sailing etc. etc. The housing of this wonder was made of aviation aluminum and properly protected against corrosion. The service life is 10 million hours !!! Mini tactical flashlight. Handy and effective. Made of high quality materials. And if you already have a searchlight or headlamp, how about a small pocket light source like this one with a detachable key ring? A great idea for a gift or souvenir.