VHF UHF radios

The shortwave radios available in the Wasserman store are of exceptional quality. Their professional parameters allow voice communication in the air, on land and on water. They are perfect for both play and work. They are characterized by small size and handiness, but also easy to use. As befits devices useful in the field, they are very durable, thanks to which they are not threatened by harsh weather or environmental conditions. The walkie-talkies in the Wasserman store offer differ in the number of supported channels, range and additional amenities.

Professional walkie-talkies

UHF / VHF radios (also known as walkie-talkies) ensure communication in the range of several hundred meters to even several kilometers. Their great advantage is that you can use them for free. Therefore, they will be perfect, for example, during holidays abroad, where they will allow us to save on roaming. They will be useful during bicycle trips, group trips or trips to the mountains. The advantage of walkie-talkies over cell phones is that they operate independently of the network infrastructure, so even in the most difficult conditions and in places where cells lose coverage.

However, you have to accept that duobanders function in the so-called half-duplex, so at the same time we can only either receive or transmit a signal. Communication via walkie-talkies is also a lack of privacy - everyone on the same channel can hear our conversation.

Radios from well-known manufacturers - Baofeng, Luiton, Intek, QYT, CRT

The devices offered in the Wasserman store are professional walkie-talkies operating on many different frequencies. They are waterproof, durable batteries and many features that make their use easier. These include, for example, the VOX function, which allows you to activate the device with your voice. Thanks to it, we do not have to press a button to send a message.

VHF / UHF radios also have the function of selection codes guaranteeing more privacy during calls. It does not eliminate the possibility of being overheard, but significantly reduces it, as it allows you to filter each channel by dividing it into multiple subchannels. The Wasserman store's offer includes Baofeng, Luiton, Intek, QYT and CRT radios.