Saws and axes

Regardless of whether you need firewood, occasional barbecue or crackle in your cumin, you'll always need to put some effort into preparing it. And then all sorts of axes turn out to be a reliable tool. It is worth taking a moment to consider your choice. Because axes differ in terms of material, weight, length of the handle and head.
Axes and shovels well-known producers - Maclean, Powermat Geko . Dedra
each Axe has a destiny. A different tool will be needed to clean the trunk of side branches, another to split trunks, and another to split small pieces of wood. Axes have different handles, while wooden axes are currently more and more popular with fiberglass and polyamide. The blades are made of high-resistance steel with non-stick coatings. In the Wasserman store you will find solidly made axes, with a well-mounted pommel, designed for various tasks. The store's offer includes small and light tourist axes. Carpentry axes, created for more precise work in carpentry or construction works. Splitting axes (with a wedge) with a massive head structure, intended for splitting wood blocks.
Accessories useful for working with an ax
Regardless of the type of ax you buy, you must not forget about proper maintenance and correct sharpening of the tool. Wasserman has sharpeners suitable for this task. Protective clothing, proper posture and a good ax are the basics of safe work with a sharp tool. They will be useful to us goggles so that no shard of wood can damage our eyes. Let's also remember about the right shoes. They should be solid, built and hard. When working with an ax for a long time, consider buying the right ones work gloves prevent the tool from slipping and provide a proper grip. The axes available in the Wasserman store are professional tools. All of them are characterized by a solid construction made of high-quality materials.