Flashlights and lights

Flashlights and lamps available in the Wasserman store are devices that can be used in every home. They can be used by DIY enthusiasts in workshops, walkers during night strolls, and even children to play. The assortment includes various models, each of which will serve different purposes. All of them are characterized by ergonomic shapes, thanks to which they can easily be used in the situations provided for them. It is worth getting one of the models to always have light on hand.

Workshop and front lamps

The Wasserman store's offer includes reliable LED workshop lamps that will provide us with light in all works. Some of them can be placed on comfortable telescopic stands. Smooth adjustment allows you to adjust their height to our needs. Others can be hung on functional hooks. Energy-saving lamps guarantee us work comfort even in the darkest places.

LED headlamps are another type of lamps available in the Wasserman range. These will be very widely used - not only at home, but also outside of it. Popular headlamps are perfect for any renovation and installation work. They give freedom of movement for both hands, illuminating exactly the places we look at. In addition, we offer aluminum LED flashlights that can be worn as a key ring. They will always be useful when the phone light fails us.

Flashlights and lamps from well-known manufacturers - Maclean, Dedra, Forever, Xtreme, Bailong, Xtreme

Adjustable headlamps and workshop lamps that can be found in the Wasserman store are products of well-known and respected brands. They are characterized by functionality and an attractive value for money. Among them you can also find searchlights or multi-functional screwdrivers with a built-in flashlight. Thanks to such accessories, workshop work will be as easy as never before. The devices will also improve the search of basements and attics in search of necessary things.