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Welcome to the world of colors. Section paints and painting accessories it contains not only traditional paints for walls or ceilings, but also paints for special tasks. Here you will also find wood impregnants and varnishes.

Wall and ceiling paints of the best company on the market - Dekoral
The most common of paints are acrylic paints, they are efficient and easy to apply, they cover well and dry very quickly. Latex paints are a variation of these paints, although they are slightly more expensive, but more durable. Vinyl paints, in turn, are ideal for interiors with increased humidity, they are easy to spread and dry very quickly. Ceramic paints while they are adhesive, flexible and create a perfectly smooth, thin and hard surface on the wall. In our offer you will find various ceramic paint colors from Dekoral on the shelves. A brand that has been the leader of the color market in Poland for over twenty years and has the largest and most fashionable color palette. The offer has up to 56 colors. We recommend ceramic paints because they are hydrophobic paints, i.e. very resistant to stains and liquid dirt. Perfectly masks minor bumps and imperfections.

Varnish in a Wasserman store - Wood Chron
Varnish is a product with properties similar to those of traditional stains and varnishes. It is simply a varnish with the addition of pigment, which allows you to color the wood in the desired color. When deciding on a specific wood preparation, we must consider several factors, among which the most important is the type of wooden surface on which we intend to apply it. Fortunately, we no longer have to choose between effectiveness and visual values. Technologically advanced agents for the protection of wooden surfaces from the Wood Chron company perfectly combine the protection of the painted surface and its appearance. Now you just have to decide what color we want to give our wood. In addition to traditional paints and varnishes in our offer you will also find paints for special tasks. Because nowadays, parishes are not only used to paint and refresh the colors on the walls or ceiling. In our offer you will also find functional paints, for a special purpose, resistant to abrasion and dirt, fragrance, magnetic paints and forming a coating like on a school blackboard. An example would be blackboard paint that creates the same surface on a school blackboard. Blackboard paint characterized by good adhesion to the substrate and high resistance to water and abrasion.