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The set of steaming pots is made of high quality stainless steel. The steel used consists of the best quality alloy commonly used in world-class products, which guarantees its high corrosion resistance and very good strength. The material used allows you to quickly heat the dishes and keeps the heat for a long time. The product is suitable for cooking on induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cookers. It can be safely washed in dishwashers.

The pots have non-heating handles.

The walls of the pot heat up much slower than the bottom, which allows proper circulation of moist air inside the pot, allowing cooking at a temperature lower than the boiling point. Such thermal conditions allow you to preserve minerals, vitamins and nutritional values in dishes. The thickness of the walls of the pot is approx. 1mm.

The acuthermal bottom of the pot has a special aluminum plate that allows storage and even distribution of heat.

The lid tightly covers the cartridges so that water vapor does not escape outside but condenses inside the pot.

Two cartridges allow you to simultaneously prepare 2 dishes separated from each other or prepare a double portion of one dish.

The set is easy to keep clean.

Diameter of pots in this set - 18cm

The set includes:

- main pot 2,5l

- steam cartridges - 2 pcs.

- glass cover

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