Small household appliances

In every house, even the completely furnished one, there will be something that we lack. And necessarily, but it is necessary that we acquire a shaker or vacuum welding machine right now. Or maybe it may be that you look at your bathroom set and ask yourself What drove me in his choice?! And you decide to quickly change the décor of the entire bathroom to fit the new bathroom set.

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Articles for the bathroom, bar or kitchen everything you need can be found in this section.

What you need in the kitchen is up to you. You choose, we deliver.  In most homes, the kitchen is the center of life of the household members. In order for everything in it to work efficiently, it is worth equipping it with devices make our lives easier. Nowadays, it is no longer just a food processor, an espresso machine or a waffle maker. Now you can have a steamer, an egg cooker, an opener and an electric knife or even a vacuum welding machine at hand. You can choose in entire color lines or bet on freedom guided by, for example, only the manufacturer. In the case of some equipment, the material from which the equipment was made is also important. The kettle can be made of ceramics, aluminum or tempered glass. Not only that, your equipment can also be very smart. Control panels, displays or temperature control are not surprising in household appliances. In addition to electrical or electronic equipment, you will also find on our shelves small kitchen essentials such as a sugar bowl, cutting boards made of various materials, butter bowls, bowls, grinders and napkins.

Home bar fully equipped

In this section you will find not only kitchen utensils, here you can also stock up on the necessary bar accessories. Do you accept guests for a drink? We invite you to buy a shaker, decanters, glasses and even stands for displaying wine bottles. Indispensable equipment will be a corkscrew and necessarily an ice bucket.

The house is not only the kitchen, although it is she who is the heart of the house. In every farm, a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable equipment and in our household appliances department you can choose, complain and wonder. You will find hand vacuum cleaners, vertical vacuum cleaners, laundry vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners for time-saving ones. In addition, everything you need to operate them will also provide you. Are you looking for a humidifier? Clothes shavers, steamers or irons with mega fancy functions? Or maybe you love to sew? We invite you to the "Home" section

Are you looking for bathroom sets? Take a look at us.

And the bathroom? Is it possible to forget about the bathroom? After all, you will need a mirror, towel cabinets, hangers, bathroom sets and a toilet brush and you will not have to hide it in a corner behind the toilet. Now such a brush can proudly be exposed in plain sight, because it can delight with its appearance and workmanship. 

If most of the purchases of these more serious larger ones requiring reflection are already behind you, then it's time to slightly replenish the contents of the drawers. On our shelves you will find cloths and straws and plastic spoons. Aluminum foil, garbage bags, bags for welding machines, filters for vacuum cleaners and coffee machines, strainers and even ice stones.

In the Wasserman store you will find everything you need to make your home work efficiently and make it more pleasant to live in it.