Granite griddle Frying pan Promis Primavera 28cm

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Primavera grillowa 28cm

Patelnia ceramiczna grillowa

Grill in the kitchen? It's possible with the Primavera pan.

Patelnia Promis Primavera 28cm

Advantages of using ceramic pans:
- dishes are juicier, retain minerals and vitamins
- ideal for preparing healthy dishes with a minimum amount of fat
- evenly distributes heat
- saves energy
- the food does not stick to the surface
- easy to clean
- it is a natural, ecological material
- is resistant to scratches, erosion and corrosion
- it is resistant to high temperatures and temperature changes

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- aluminum cast - guarantees quick heat distribution, which saves energy
- Ekoceram ceramic coating - very durable, resistant to high temperature
- very fast heating
- keep warm for a long time
- specially profiled funnels on the edges of the pan - you can easily pour out the accumulated fat from the pan
- does not contain toxic or hazardous to health substances
- an exceptionally smooth surface that does not contain micro-gaps allows you to cook food safely
- resistant to high temperatures up to 450 ° C
- durable, does not deform
- thick bottom with a large, integrated stainless steel disc that prevents bottom deformation
- easy to clean, stylish and durable non-stick coating on the outside
- can be used on gas, electric, ceramic and halogen
- ergonomic non-heating handle - ensures a perfect grip
- easy to clean, hygienic and really attractive-looking
- dishwasher cleaning is not recommended
- dimensions 28 x 28 cm
- black colour

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