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Whether you're looking for something to control pests or school equipment, you'll find it all on the shelves of the Wasserman store.

The pandemic has shaken the lives of Poles and significantly changed many of our habits. The ways of communication, work systems and ways of shopping have changed. More and more people decide to order with home delivery not only of larger equipment, appliances  or furniture but also of these smaller products including food. The ability to shop online eliminates frequent exits from home, it is very convenient and comfortable. The Wasserman store, in order to meet these upward trends in online shopping, has introduced new items to the assortment. The Supermarket department offers cleaning products, household chemicals, everything for washing, articles for animals, school supplies and even coffee.
In the category of school supplies you will find pencil cases, chalk or satchel.  The articles are well made and such a satchel, for example, is a two-in-one version. Not only is it made of high quality materials, it is also profiled and reinforced. You can wear it in two versions. Bigger for school and smaller for trips.

Cleaning articles and preparations for insects and pests

The household chemicals department will provide you not only with washing or dishwashing liquids, you will also find refreshing products for toilets, moisturizing wipes, disinfectants or descaling tablets. In turn, the cleaning department is just a place for shopping madness for those who love order. You will find brooms, mops, buckets, sponges and sponges. Paper towels and squeegee for water, latex gloves and even trash cans and those for segregation too.

If your life is made difficult by running pests or flying insects, be sure to look in the place of Insects and Pests.  Poisons, paws, lamps and other insect remedies will help you win the war against intruders in your home.

The Laundry section may surprise you because you will not find only washing powders here, here you will also think about the ironing board, think about the laundry dryer or look at the container for storing powder with reverie.
And for lovers of all creatures, running, flying or swimming, we have a special section For animals.  For your little ones you will find here all the necessary accessories including food. Even the health of the pet can be taken care of with us by looking at the Pet health.