For cleaning

Whether you like it or not, if you do not want to hire anyone for this activity, you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work. We will help you to go through it smoothly and painlessly. And everything you will need to perform this task can be found here.

Everything you need to keep your home clean
Since the inevitable has finally come and it's time to  start general cleaning, we will tell you how to make this activity easier. Divide the entire cleaning into several stages. Start with the most laborious, larger household chores, such as window cleaning. You do not need to clean the whole house in one day, one room - one day. In each of the rooms, determine the order of work. Cleaning, cabinets, review of things needed and those to throw away, sweeping and washing.

Do you already have a cleaning kit?
Maybe before you even start cleaning, complete a cleaning kit. Check if you have everything you need. You definitely need protective gloves, garbage bags, sponges, wires, brushes, a mop with a bucket, a bucket and bowls.
Cloths for home cleaning are not only cloths for wiping dust, now there are cloths for special tasks. Universal kitchen cloths made of viscose, for ordinary activities such as wiping the countertop or table, scooping up ferns or to wipe stains. These slightly thinner cloths are great for polishing dishes. Microfiber cloths, on the other hand, absorb water well and best of all, microfiber does not leave streaks and stains. Cloths with slightly longer and thicker bristles are also available. Next on the list are cloths for windows and mirrors, one side of the cloth you wash, and the other polish the glass surface. Also, do not forget about floor cloths .

Wires are another must-have to  remove dirt that ordinary sponges cannot handle. And the brushes? Do you have a sweeping brush? We know that you certainly have much better equipment that pulls crumbs from the floor, but sometimes with a brush or a simple sweeper you will do it faster and to smaller surfaces it will simply be more convenient. And finally, mops, in mops you can get dizzy from the types of tips. Cotton mop tip. Tip for synthetic mop. Microfiber mop tip. Microfiber mop tip with scrubbing strap. Tip for microfiber flat mop with different fiber lengths. Tip for mop spongy. Tip for sponge and microfiber mop. And a bucket. We also have buckets.