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For most of us, cleaning is not the most pleasant  activity. But unfortunately you have to clean because a neat, clean and fragrant apartment is conducive to better rest and relaxation. In this section you will find everything you need for cleaning and disinfection.

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First cleaning then disinfection

Disinfection kills germs. It will not clean dirty surfaces, so we must first clean and then decontaminate.
In this section there  are cleaning products, disinfectants  and fresheners of various types. Before you start fighting dirt, read the instructions on the packaging of the remedy that you are going to use. Some cannot be applied to all surfaces and others may require gloves or an open window. We recommend gloves for every cleaning, not only to protect your hands from the destructive power of strong agents but also to limit the spread of germs.

Each of us has our own trusted cleaning products, some suggest advertising before shopping and others are guided by the suggestions of friends. No matter what remedy you choose, it is important that it is effective. You will find with us means from different manufacturers and with different effects. Here we have the best liquids for you to remove up to 99% of germs, fungi and bacteria. Preventing scale deposition, restoring shine, cleaning and disinfecting at the same time. Everything you need from the smallest sponge to, for example, compressed gas, which under pressure will remove dust from hard-to-reach places.
Once you have cleaned up and disinfected everything within the reach of your hands and eyes, the time will come for trifles that cause pure pleasure from being in the apartment. Such a trifle is, for example, an air freshener. Smoke from cigarettes, burning, "aroma" of fried foods, unsubscribe garbage, a pet or shoes thrown carelessly after training are things that effectively destroy rest due to unpleasant "aromas".
In our store we have a wide range of fresheners encouraging us with floral, sea or exotic aromas. We can choose between aerosol fresheners, with a sprinkler, electric, there are scented candles, incense sticks or oils for heaters. If we want to enjoy both the smell and decorative values at the same time, let's focus on design. After all, the liquid with which we will prank does not have to be closed in an aluminum can, it can be a mixture enclosed in a beautiful bottle or a scented  candle in a diamond cover