Balancing amplifiers

On Friday afternoon, we go home, thinking only about getting a well-deserved rest. So we take off our shoes, reach into the fridge for our favorite drink and sit down in the armchair. Luck seems to be on our side because a match of our favorite football team is being broadcast on TV. The striker runs into the penalty area, passes the defender and ... the broadcast is interrupted. The screen goes black, green pixels appear. How can you enjoy any screening in such conditions? The causes of TV network disturbance may vary, but often they are caused by losses in the TV installation. You can avoid them thanks to the internal antenna amplifier.

How to choose the right antenna amplifier?

Antenna amplifiers and baluns they come in many variants that differ, inter alia, in their purpose. Some are for large TV installations, others for small to medium sized installations. To choose the right antenna amplifier, you need to decide which type best suits your needs:

Broadband amplifier - most often used when the signal level is outside the range of the main amplifier. It is the most common and one of the cheaper solutions in small installations. In the Wasserman store you can buy, for example, a broadband antenna amplifier Alcad.

Building amplifier - having its own power source and a very wide range of applications. The Wasserman offer includes, among others, a building amplifier Terra .

Channel amplifier - giving the possibility to amplify the signal of selected TV channels.

Mast amplifier - in the form of a box mounted outside the building. It is used near the antenna mast.

Amplifiers and baluns from well-known manufacturers - Alcad . Axing . Telmor . Televes . AMS . Terra . Red Eagle

Antenna amplifiers available in the Wasserman store are products of professional brands. Famous manufacturers guarantee their performance and durability. Telmor antenna amplifiers are suitable, for example, to be mounted anywhere in the cable. This means that they do not require dismantling the antenna. AMS pass-through amplifiers are used similarly. Terra multi-input amplifiers can in turn be used to regulate several signals simultaneously.