Nowadays, many people have several TV sets at home, thanks to which household members can at one time watch their favorite programs broadcast on different channels. Such a solution satisfying all those interested would not be able to solve the problem of television access without the use of a suitable splitter, which allows antenna signals to reach several television sets. The Wasserman store offers the highest quality antenna splitters at affordable prices.

Antenna splitters

In the Wasserman store you will find a wide selection of products and the latest technologies. Our antenna splitters are perfect for distributing radio and television signals thanks to individual installations. Thanks to them, antenna and cable signal freely reaches at least two TVs. Antenna splitters manufactured by the company Telmor are equipped with two quadruple satellite inputs and one RTV input, as well as two eightfold satellite outputs and two RTV outputs. In turn, antenna splitters DIGISAT they have a gain potentiometer attached to them, as well as a jumper, thanks to which the voltage flows freely and without major problems from the marked input to the output.

The best splitters

The tv splitter is powered in most cases thanks to the coaxial cable included in the set. In addition, the user can optionally choose to buy a voltage separator. Brand devices Opticum and Cabletech have a very durable and durable aluminum housing, so they can be used in various conditions. Their installation in hard-to-reach places should also not pose a major problem. The satellite signal splitter is usually used in closed rooms. It contains electronic systems implemented using surface mounting techniques. The body protecting the most sensitive parts of the system is covered with zinc. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Wasserman store offer.