IP network recorder  are devices that record the image transmitted from cameras mounted in the monitoring system. Depending on the type, it can manage a different number of cameras. The recorders also differ in that some record without interruption, while others activate only when a motion is detected. We can distinguish among registrars; DVR-the oldest type of recorder cooperating with analog cameras, NVR-record images in Full HD quality, hybrid recorders that combine the features of DVR and NVR.

 Recorders from well-known manufacturers Hikwision
The recorders in the Wasserman store offer are specific models from reliable manufacturers. Here you will find recorders extremely easy to use and offering a lot of functions. We advise you to choose devices with the possibility of connecting more cameras, we will avoid changes in the recorder in the future. It depends on the recorder in what quality the images will be recorded, how they will be saved, how they will be sent and how the recordings will be protected. Our recorders have combined professional technical solutions, quality at the highest level with extremely attractive prices. If you decide on the whole set you will get it immediately configured and ready for use. Such sets will allow us to view remotely, mobile view without having to have a public IP address.

 Features of IP recorders
An exemplary camera recorder kit from our offer will allow you to search intelligently for recordings and synchronous playback of four channels. The recorder will secure the continuity of your recordings, has HDMI and VGA outputs and one of the most important functions in this recorder is the Smart Search function, it is an automatic motion search in a selected area. From other equally important functions, the recorders have e.g. face detection, multi preview, support IE, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari browsers, have options for searching recordings from alarm events, VCA image analysis function, digital video zoom in live view mode or in live mode playback, synchronous playback of recordings from several cameras. Devices can be controlled via a touch screen on the device panel, using buttons or mouse, and remotely through applications on selected mobile devices. All our devices have a warranty and menu in Polish.