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Disposable, safe and aesthetic - dishes and cutlery

No one can imagine a picnic or a children's party without the use of disposable paper or plastic dishes. It is an extraordinary convenience, trouble-free transport and no tiring washing of the entire tableware. Do you need disposable tableware? Welcome to the Wasserman store!

Disposable packaging and utensils are extremely convenient to use for any consumer. They are a great substitute for glass or porcelain dishes. They facilitate outdoor meals and ensure safe fun on kinderbals. At the moment, disposable dishes are not only paper plates and plastic containers for fast food. Now you can buy such cups and such plates, which at first glance look like decent plates of glass. The materials from which disposable trays, cups or containers are made are always certified and safe in contact with food. Cutlery, straws, sticks, toothpicks and trays everything you need can be found in this section.

After eating, it is enough to throw them in the trash.

Plates can be bought from paper, the most popular for serving cakes, sausages or salads. Simple, lightweight and comfortable. Those made of laminated foam are already thicker and non-dripping, ideal for warm dishes. The next group is polystyrene vessels( EPS). Compact, rigid and lightweight. And FMP? It is a product of pressed plant material. They can be used in microwave ovens, completely environmentally friendly. Dishes with a bright appearance, on which you can see the natural grain are dishes made of birch wood. Birch wood is fully adapted for composting. Bamboo thanks to its rapid growth is excellent for renewable crops, bamboo dishes are adapted for composting and are distinguished by smooth and simple patterns. The last material from which disposable dishes are made are palm leaves. The dishes made of them are adapted to microwave ovens and are resistant to piercing and tearing.

Each type of this product has its pros and cons. The most important thing is that they make our lives extremely easy.