Glass electric kettle 1.0L Adler AD 1283C


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Coffee time!
Czajnik szklany 1,0L Adler AD 1283C

Is choosing an electric kettle complicated?

Sometimes and kettle selection can be difficult. It all depends on what we expect from the kettle? There are supporters of traditional gas with a whistle of retro teapots. There are those who just want to boil water for coffee. Still others require setting a specific temperature to set. The basic feature of everyone electric kettle is its capacity and power. We recommend kettles that have a heater hidden in the base, there will be definitely less stone to clean. Protection against overheating and switching on an empty kettle is already a norm and every device of this type has it. The kettle that we offer here today is from the company Adler and this is a guarantee of great performance.
Czajnik elektryczny szklany AD 1283C

Electric kettle with transparent walls

A small, electric kettle with a traditional jug shape in a modern version. It allows you to boil water for tea for 3-4 people quickly and efficiently thanks to the power of 1100 W and a capacity of one liter. The kettle will switch off automatically as soon as the water boils. LED backlight and transparent housing give a beautiful effect. The kettle has a lock that prevents the empty kettle from being switched on. For our convenience, it has been equipped with a swivel base, so the handle will always be on the side from which we find the most convenient. The heater is made of stainless steel and hidden under a flat bottom.


- Power 900-1100W
- Max capacity: 1.0l
- Capacity min: 0.3l
- Swivel base and flat bottom
- Traditional jug shape in a modern setting
- Water level indicator with scale
- A filter that stops calcium deposits
- Stainless steel heating element
- Automatic switch off when the water boils
- LED backlight

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