Large electric kettle 1.7 L Adler AD 1264

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AD 1264

Czajnik elektryczny duży 1,7 L Adler AD 1264

A large, electric family kettle that allows you to efficiently boil water for tea for 6-7 people thanks to the power of 2200W.

Czajnik elektryczny Adler AD 1264 zdjęcie art

Equipped with a clear water level indicator, it will turn off automatically after boiling. The lock will also prevent you from turning on an empty kettle, thus saving energy and ensuring your safety. The sediment filter, however, will ensure the appropriate water quality.

Czajnik elektryczny Adler AD 1264 zdjęcie wnętrza

For convenience, it is equipped with a swivel base, a flat bottom, a stainless steel heater and a lamp informing about boiling water. It allows you to boil 1.7l of water at a time.

Czajnik elektryczny Adler AD 1264 z opakowaniem

Power 1850-2200 W
Max capacity: 1.7l
Min capacity: 0.5l
Swivel base and flat bottom
Modern design
Water level indicator with scale
Filter that stops calcium deposits
Stainless steel heater
Automatic shutdown after boiling water
Control lamp

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