Mixer Adler AD 4212 with a blending attachment


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 Whipping and mixing, shredding, comminution

Robot kuchenny Adler AD 4212

Choose a hand or stationary mixer?

if you need a mixer for preparing light masses, for whipping cream quickly, for making two pancakes once, you will not need a large machine to take up a lot of space. Or maybe you already have such a big one  food processor  and whip the proteins with a whisk, because you do not want to pull out folding and unfolding a large machine? It is irreplaceable in such situations  hand mixer . Thanks to it you can quickly prepare a mass for cookies or beat the foam for meringues. The working element of such a small mixer is the portable body, in which there is a place for mounting replaceable tips: for mixing and grinding. These more advanced mixers have an additional feature  blending attachment.

Mikser Adler AD 4212 z nasadką blendującą

Power, - with what power is the best hand mixer?

Hand mixers  they usually have a power of 100 W to 500 W. It is known that the higher it is, the better the performance of the device. However, it all depends on the purpose of the equipment if it will serve you  for whipping a biscuit , light cakes or pancakes, foam or creams, a model with a power of approx. 200 W - 300 W. will be enough. Adler AD 4212 mixer  has 330W power and speed regulation, and up to five stages. In addition, it has a Turbo button for a more resistant mass. A blending tip is also included in the set. Its blade evenly, safely and quickly crushes.

Opakowanie miksera Adler AD 4212

 Thanks to the latest technologies and materials the mixer works extremely quietly . A soft and ergonomic handle ensures comfort and safety.

Koćcówki wymienne miksera Adler AD 4212


 Power: 300W
 5 speeds
 Blend button
 A set of stainless steel agitators and beaters
 Stainless steel blending attachment

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