Electric kettle 1.7 L Camry CR 1254l latte


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Czajnik elektryczny 1,7 L Camry CR 1254l latte

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Electric kettles on the store shelves, there is a lot of pride. They attract colors, shapes and additional functions. But the kettle is supposed to boil water for us, quickly and safely. We can possibly think about the color of the kettle and capacity. Another will be chosen by someone with one or two-person household and rarely receiving guests, and another kettle will be chosen by someone drinking hectoliters of tea and often drinking caviar in the company of friends. We we recommend kettles from proven companies, specific, well-made, fulfilling their task perfectly. We focus on practicality, not overlooking the aesthetic values ​​of the products we sell.

Camry CR 1254l latte duży czajnik rodzinny 1,7l

Electric kettle with sediment filter

Big, electric family kettle , will let us quickly and efficiently boil the water for tea for 6-7 people. Thanks to its power, 2200W will do it instantly. The kettle has a clear water level indicator. It will turn off automatically when it boils. Another blockade will prevent the inclusion of an empty kettle, which will save us energy and ensure the safety of the user. Sediment filter that's the right water quality. For our convenience the kettle is on a rotating base . A flat bottom and a stainless steel heater and a lamp informing about boiling water is a high comfort of use. In the kettle, boil 1.7l of water at a time.


Swivel base and flat bottom
Modern design
Water level indicator with scale
A filter that stops calcium deposits
Stainless steel heating element
Automatic switch-off after boiling water
Control lamp


2200 W power
Max capacity: 1.7l
Min capacity: 0.5l

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