1.5L electric kettle Adler AD 1207


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Do you know what a water gauge is?

Czajnik elektryczny 1,5L zdjęcie z herbatą

Which kettle capacity should you choose?

What is the capacity of the kettle should we choose for ourselves is a matter of how many cups we drink per day? Whether we cook more water at once or is it a matter of boiling less water. This the kettle has a capacity of one and a half liters , i.e. six people will have a cup of tea with one boiling water. 2000W kettle thanks to its power will boil water at an express pace. The kettle housing is a high-quality material resistant to high temperatures. The shape of the kettle is perfectly emphasized by gray trim around the lid, handle and base. The 360 ​​° swivel system allows us put the kettle down in the most comfortable position for us.

Opakowanie czajnika Adler AD 1207

Kettle with a triple connector

Kettle Adler AD 1207 has a solid, reliable and comfortable grip. The handle is rounded inside and flat outside. On the upper part of the handle there is a switch and a switch in one button. The round base is a great stability and a place to wind up the power cord. Two large gauges are located on the sides of the kettle , they have a clearly marked scale from 0.5 liters to 1.5 L. Next to the water gauge, in the lower part of the kettle housing during its operation, the orange indicator light is on. A large one is installed inside the housing round steel heater with a power of 2000 W.

After reaching the boiling point, the water will continue to boil for a few seconds after this time the kettle will switch off automatically . The blockade preventing the inclusion of an empty device increases the safety of use.

Czajnik elektryczny 1,5L Adler AD 1207

Kettle maintenance Adler AD 1207 it is easy to clean, we can use commercially available for maintenance descaling. Remember to rinse the inside of the machine several times with water after this operation.

Adler AD 1207 zdjęcia szczegółów

Swivel base and flat bottom
Modern design
Water level indicator with scale
A filter that stops calcium deposits
Stainless steel heating element
Automatic switch-off after boiling water
Control lamp


Tank capacity:1.5l / min. 0.5l

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