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Classic or modern?

Czajnik elektryczny Adler AD 1223

Classic silver Adler kettle

Teapots on the market multiplied so much that this simple operation as buying a kettle begins to resemble reaching the summits. And you just need a kettle. So if you are looking for an electric kettle and all you need is that in the kettle you can boil more water, that it has a decent casing, that you can catch it, from which side you feel comfortable, that the heater has power and the kettle has a look specific and at the same time pleasing to the eye. We have the kettle for you.

Klasyczny, 1,7-litrowy czajnik elektryczny Adler

Adler kettle made of high quality stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and at the same time looks like pure beautiful silver.

Cajniki elektryczne duży wybór na wasserman.eu

How much water can you boil in this kettle?

In the Adler kettle, you boil water for 10 cups good coffee. It has a power of 2000W, which makes it boiling water lasts a short while. The appearance is due to the thoughtful design, the rounded bottom of the kettle is matched to the steel finish of the stand. Rotating the base system 360 degrees makes the kettle put the handle in the direction that is most convenient for you. In the stand you will find a place for a coiled cord. And the triple connector guarantees secure connection of both parts.

Adler AD 1223 czajnik z filtrem

The balanced and profiled handle is made of smooth, non-conductive plastic, while the on and off switch is conveniently located in the upper part of the handle.

Adler AD 1223 czajnik ze stylem i elegancją

On the side of the steel housing is a transparent water gauge with a graduation from MIN 0.6 liters to MAX 1.7 liters.

Adler AD 1223 czajnik bezprzewodowy

The blue control lamp lights up while boiling water. After the water boils the kettle will switch off automatically. In addition, the kettle has a lock that prevents turning on the empty device.

Keeping the kettle clean is very simple. The kettle must be descaled regularly . And after descaling, rinse the inside of the appliance several times with water.

Czajnik elektryczny ze stali szlachetnej Adler AD 1223


Basis:360 degree rotation
Filter:retaining calcium deposits
Housing: made of stainless steel
Heater: in the bottom plate
Indicator:Large, readable water gauge, Illuminated water level indicator
Lighting:LED indicator light
Power:2000 watts
Security:before switching on the empty kettle

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polecam bardzo szybko nagrzewa wodę ;)