1l cordless kettle, white 850W rotary hob

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Adler AD 08 W
Water for coffee and in a pot can be boiled

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An electric kettle should be fast, quiet and elegant

Electric Kettle  we will probably find in every kitchen. This is the fastest way to boil water in exactly the amount we need. Electric kettle from Adler , it's elegant white, kitchen equipment. Made of high quality plastic that is resistant to high temperatures. Very comfortable to use thanks to the base with a rotating system on which you place the kettle so that the handle is always in the most comfortable position for you
In the stand you will also find a place to hide the coiled power cord. The base with the kettle is connected by a triple connector that guarantees a stable connection of both parts.

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What is the most important thing in the kettle? In the kettle, the most important thing is power

Kettle Adler AD 08  with 850 W of power will boil water instantly  and very quiet. The contoured handle provides a comfortable and strong grip and the switch on it is perfectly at hand. On the sides of the kettle there are two water level indicators, which will allow us boil only that amount of water that we just need. The automatic switch will cut off the electricity as soon as the water boils.

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 The water is heated by means of a large, round one  heater mounted inside the housing.

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 The lid is opened with two buttons that need to be pressed both to open the lid.

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 The colorful packaging covers the Adler AD 08 kettle, well protected for transport, the stand and the user manual in 22 languages ​​of the countries where it is sold

Czajnik Adler AD08W o pojemności 1 litra


Capacity:1.0 l
Colour: white
Shutdown:Automatic when the water boils

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