1.7L wireless glass kettle Adler AD 1225


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10 years ago, considered an invention and a superfluous gadget

Czajnik szklany 1,7L bezprzewodowy Adler

An electric kettle is not the first better purchase

Buying an electric kettle on the way home, thinking what's the difference what kettle  I will buy as soon as water boils this error. The differences between these devices are quite large. Let's start with the look, they can be plastic, they can be ceramic and they can be glass. The method of heating water can also be different. Are kettles  in which the heater is placed straight in the water, in others under the bottom of the jug. Capacity is the next difference and it is important what will be optimal for you  kettle capacity  depends on how many people boil water at a time. The capacity goes with capacity, it depends on how much time the kettle needs water boils.  The ideal power is about 2000W.

Adler AD 1225 czajnik ze szkła

A beautiful glass electric kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters

Glass teapot  1.7 L Adler AD 1225 will allow you to give tea to 7 people. Quickly, in about 3 minutes, before you can make the cups, boiling water will be there. Safe to use, it has a lock that prevents accidental switching on of the empty kettle and automatic switch off at the moment  water boils.

Rotating stand and backlight only makes it easier for us to use this sensational  electric kettle from Adler.

Opakowanie czajnika Adler AD 1225

 The built-in sediment filter will take care of the water quality.

Bezprzewodowy czajnik Adler AD 1225 zdjęcie zrobione podczas zagotowania wody
 Power 2000
 Max capacity: 1.7l
 Min capacity: 0.5l
 Swivel base and flat bottom
 Modern design
 Water level indicator with scale
 A filter that stops calcium deposits
 Stainless steel heating element
 Automatic shut off when the water boils
 Control lamp

Bezprzewodowy czajnik Adler AD 1225 widok z różnych stron

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