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A fireplace toolbox

Kaminer PK003

You already have a fireplace, now it's time for the necessary accessories for the fireplace

Many people think that having a fireplace is a mess. But it's wrong thinking if you have all of them  necessary accessories by the fireplace  you can only enjoy the view of burning wood chips. There are many fireplace accessories available on the market, thanks to which  keeping the fireplace clean  it's a piece of cake. The basic equipment is a vacuum cleaner for fireplaces (to be bought on another page of our store) and right behind it they place fireplace sets . They usually consist of a poker, a hand brush and a dustpan. And most often they are included with the stand. Such a set is necessary  minimum of fireplace appliances.

Przybory kominkowe Kaminer

A practical set of fireplace accessories from Kaminer

Pliers for transporting wood logs . ash scoop , a broom, a hook (poker) are accessories that every fireplace owner must have. But just because such tools are very practical doesn't mean they must be ugly. Our five element fireplace set  is a modern-looking set. It is durable, made of steel resistant to high temperature.

Akcesoria do kominka Kaminer

 The whole set of tools is located on a contoured stand, which is equipped with a base that retains all dirt and ash. The stand is equipped with a practical handle, so it is very convenient to carry.

Kaminer PK003 Przybory do kominka

 The kit includes:
 - rack
 - pliers
 - scoop
 - a broom
 - hook (poker)

Kaminer PK003 niezastąpione przy kominku

 Color: silver (stand), gray with silver handle (utensils)

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