Satel TSD-1 smoke and heat detector


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Czujnik dymu i ciepła Satel TSD-1

Why is it worth having smoke detectors at home?

We can provide comfort of living and restful sleep in our own apartment or house through a certain level of security. Primarily good alarm system who responds to  risk of fire . Thanks to this early warning, we can save our lives and our loved ones. This will also prevent the spread of fire throughout the entire building. Such a system should be based on effective smoke and heat detectors .  Fire hazard  it's not only our stare, like a left pot on gas or a failure of home appliances, it can also be a short circuit, faulty installation and many other factors.

Czujnik dymu i ciepła Satel TSD-1

Don't underestimate the risk of fire, install the smoke detector

Smoke sensor - what do we need to pay attention to when buying? The principle of the device is very simple. Built-in detector  it senses too much smoke (or high temperature) in the room in which it is located and then takes action - it can be light or sound signaling. TSD-1 this point detector  designed to detect the early stages of a developing fire. It was equipped with photoelectric visible smoke detector , and excess-differential  temperature sensor . High sensitivity and non-directionality is ensured by the unique construction of the measuring chamber, which is precise Hexamesh filter  stainless steel is a protection against dirt and small insects getting inside. The detector configuration by means of micro switches and built-in parametric end-of-line resistors facilitate its connection to any control panel with 12 V power supply.

Czujnik dymu i ciepła Satel TSD-1

 Device features:
 - unique Swirl chamber accelerating smoke detection
 - smoke detection in accordance with the requirements of EN54-7
 - heat detection according to EN54-5
 - selection of the line type: NO / NC / 2EOL by means of switches


Acoustic signaling: chamber dirt
Cooperation:with any 12 V alarm panel
Filter:Hexamesh stainless steel
Switch:operating mode selection (smoke, heat, multisensor)

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