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You can mix it up well

Robot kuchenny ADLER AD 4201

Does a good mixer have to cost a lot?

A good mixer  it doesn't have to cost a lot, it will mix well. one can  froth  with a whisk, you can and a fork, but why bother? For a small amount you will receive a mixer that will facilitate the work in the kitchen. Beat the perfect foam without effort, mix the pancake dough and twist  mass on the cake . There are a hundred different accessories in the mixer, they are important  sales  and basic mixers . A good mixer is the basis for baking, not just sweet pastries. The mixer can make work in the kitchen much easier and this also means reducing the time you spend cooking. It is difficult to imagine now kitchen activities without using a mixer.

Mikser ADLER AD 4201 zdjęcie opakowania

Hand or stand mixer to choose?

Mixer selection  depends on what you need it for. If you use few ingredients and do not bake large amounts  hand mixer  definitely will be the best choice. Mobile, lightweight will not be difficult even during longer mixing. In addition, you can whip it in various dishes.  Food processor ADLER mixer  AD 4201 is a handy robot with 300 W power. It has five different speeds, so it is suitable for mixing different consistencies.  Turbo function  if necessary, it can handle even resistant mass.

Mikser kuchenny ADLER AD 4201 300W

 The set includes two types of agitators,  foam whisks  and light masses and agitators for slightly denser products. The color version of the mixer is gray and white.

Mikser ADLER AD 4201 komplet mieszadeł i trzepaków


Equipment:A set of stainless steel agitators and beaters
Speed:5 speeds, Turbo button

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