Liquid for disinfecting countertops and kitchen appliances

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Nano Protect Silver Table
Don't let them rule you !!
Nano Protect Silver Table do blatów i urz. kuchennych

It is not enough to wash, sometimes it must be disinfected

Bacteria, viruses and fungi are actually everywhere. They are on all everyday objects, on kitchen and sanitary appliances, on door handles, and of course in the inhaled air. Not all of them are dangerous for us, but to protect ourselves from those threatening us, it is necessary to carry out systematic disinfection . Good disinfection will destroy microorganisms  pathogens and their spores, we will get rid of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Remember, however, that only sterilization will lead to complete sterilization. disinfection  we can divide into two types; chemical and physical. Physical is temperature or UV radiation. Various substances are used for chemical purposes, such as alcohols, phenols and halogens.
Płyn do dezynfekcji zdjęcie nalepki na butelce

What affects the effectiveness of disinfection?

On effectiveness of disinfection  is affected by the duration of action and the concentration of the preparation, temperature and pH, humidity, number of microorganisms and types of microorganisms. Bactericidal activity  preparations can be achieved after 5 minutes, but fungicides only after 15. Our preparation is universal disinfectant  all countertops, tables, kitchen appliances, containers, interior refrigeration devices, etc. Contains active NANO particles and thanks to this destroys bacteria , fungi and spores. Perfect for daily and periodic disinfection.
Permission of the Minister of Health for trading in biocidal product No. 4103/10.
Before using the product, we advise you to thoroughly wash the disinfected surface of dirt and dust. Shake the product well before use. Spray about 15 ml of liquid onto the disinfected surface, wait about 15 min. Use systematically.
 -Packing 1L bottle with sprayer
- Recommended use temperature 20oC.

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