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Network extension cords  are products with a very wide use, among them there are both the shortest and the longest ones - used, for example, in the gardens. They are needed for every electrical equipment that we use on the plot and for various backyard works. Most lawn mowers, saws or hedge trimmers have a short cable with a plug, they will become useful only when we have a decent electric extension at hand. And you can buy such an extension cord from us. In the Wasserman store.

 Network extension cords from a known manufacturer - Blow . Kemot
 In the Wasserman store you will find single-socket extension cords for external use. They have only one socket, which greatly facilitates the work and ensures safety during their use. As extension cords for outdoor work, they are moisture resistant and very flexible. Due to the fact that it is made of high quality materials, the cables are durable, do not break and do not rub. Extension cords from our offer have different lengths and are characterized by a very long life, increased resistance to mechanical damage, vibrations and shocks, safety and simplicity of use, simple, trouble-free construction. Products available in this category come from the assortment of well-known and respected producers of electrics and electronics. Blow and Kemot power extension cords are characterized by an attractive value for money.

 Drum extension cords
 The Wasserman store has different variants of extension cords that differ in length. It's worth getting interested in electric ones cable reels , because their undoubted advantage is the easier process of unwinding and rewinding the cable. Thanks to the drum, the cable never tangles. In addition, on the drum we have additional sockets on the side. Such extension cords can be used both indoors and outdoors. Ideally suited for gardening or, for example, vacuuming the car under the windows of the apartment. Depending on what work you will be doing and how long the distance to the power socket is, choose a reel extension cord so that the length of the cord is appropriate. Products in this category are fully compliant with Polish standards, certified and have thermal fuses.