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If you like to DIY or deal with electronics professionally, then you are in the right place. In our offer you will find a whole range of smaller and larger electronic components, cables, as well as various types of measuring devices.

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Professional and hobby electronics

This section contains articles related to electricity in our homes. You will find here everything you need for power supply, fittings, strips, fuse extenders, etc. Here you will find cans, frames, sockets and connectors.

KemotLinboxProcterSimonSignal, Schneider, MacLeanTeleves- these are just some of the manufacturers of electrical goods in our store

Fuses are the basic elements that serve to protect electrical appliances. In the Wasserman store you will find both these automatic screw-in fuses and these circuit breakers. They are extremely easy to use and guarantee effective operation. Our electrical installation will be protected against short circuits that could result in a house fire. Electrical installation channels have an aesthetic function, because they allow you to hide unattractive-looking wires, but on the other hand, they also play a protective role, because they protect cables from the negative impact of external factors. PVC wiring ducts are also characterized by high strength, they are resistant to both high and low temperatures, as well as to mechanical damage. Installation strips available in the Wasserman offer are products of the valued TT Plast brand. Different sizes of slats available in our offer will allow you to hide in them both thin cables and those with a much thicker diameter. In our offer you will also find different types of extension cords. Extension cords for home use have a length of 1.5 to 5 m and are usually finished with a strip of two to ten sockets. Extenders for computer equipment and RTV have a switch with a fuse, which is useful in the event of a sudden voltage surge, short circuit or violent storm. The fuse will be able to cut off the power supply and our devices will not fail or deteriorate. Strip extenders with the so-called interference filter will be ideal for connecting computer equipment, and for portable equipment that can be charged via a USB cable, extension cords with a charger and USB sockets will be useful. In addition to various home extension cords in our store you will also find extension cords that work great on the garden or construction site. Such extension cords are made in such a way as to be as comfortable as possible to use. Extension cords in our company are offered by Kemot, Blow

Boxes, switchgears, enclosures , connector frames in the Wasserman offer

Our offer is dominated by a modern line of electrical installation equipment based on new, reliable and easy to install mechanisms. The original design with the extensive functionality of the series is the best combination of the advantages of electrical installation equipment. With us you can buy connectors with or without backlight, single and double sockets with or without grounding, RTV sockets, triple socket. And our frames from the Simon54 Premium series are subtle design and high quality. Timer and remote switch counters will be useful in every home, especially those with a larger area or the one where "sloths" live. There's nothing like turning off the lights or turning on the coffee maker without getting up. Illuminated house numbers, garden lights, entrance lamps, etc. all powered by solar energy. Cheap and ecological. There is no energy without electric cables, they are also on our shelves. What cable do you need today? Solar? Power engineering? Drum extension cable? You will find everyone in our offer.