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How to choose extension cords and electric strips?

The electric strip, despite its simplicity, is a very important equipment useful in every home or office. When choosing the right model, it is worth paying attention to, among other things, the security contained in it. The power strip, in addition to branching the current to our devices, also has a protective function. Without this type of protection, a short circuit or short circuit in the home electrical system, like a strong storm, could permanently damage expensive electronic equipment – TV, home theater, computer, as well as household appliances. Surge protectors also differ in the number of sockets, which should be paid attention to when choosing them. One computer station may need several, if we consider the power supply, monitor, printer with scanner and light placed on the desk. And yet, apart from it, we often use additional electrical devices. When buying an electric extension cord, you should first of all check its range. It all depends on your needs. We often use a network extension cord, for example, to connect a lawn mower, and some private properties have a really large area.